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Ryan Huizar - grant Recipient 2015,2016

It is so difficult to find the words to express my appreciation to the Lois Merrill Foundation for the financial assistance and peace of mind that has been provided to me and my family.  In May of 2014, I was diagnosed with carcinoid appendix cancer.  I am a runner and a swimmer, I eat healthy and have never felt ill, so this diagnosis was so unexpected!   After 2 major surgeries, tons of labs, xrays, scans, specialists and hospital visits, I am doing well physically, but cancer is not cheap.  So, at the age of 19, I found myself in some serious debt and unable to pay for my medical bills that had already accrued, much less my 6 month MD visits, scans, labs, xrays,  insurance premiums, copays and deductibles.  I am a full time college student with hopes of med school and my only option was to quit school and find a job.  However, thanks to the Lois Merrill Foundation, I was able to remain in school full time and am doing well.  I am a junior majoring in biochemistry and will be taking my MCAT in April 2015. I will be starting my application process for MD/PHD programs next year with hopes of going into medical research.  Your generosity will not go unnoticed, as I hope to have the opportunity to give back someday.  A million thank you’s to all of the people at the Lois Merrill Foundation. 



Ryan Huizar

Cyndie - Grant recipient
July 2012
single mother of 3

This is amazing!!! I am so grateful, you have no idea what a relief that will be to me. I am going to look into possibly getting a 2nd job to my already fulltime job but it's just so hard with the kids and then of course having the energy to do it and fitting in treatments, doctors appointments, etc. My energy level is so low sometimes that I have to really dig deep to just get up and shower. Your organization is a gift and my kids are going to be so thrilled! THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU!!

Lou-grant recipient
May 2010
Lou is a Grandmother taking care of 3 grandchildren

Words seem inadequate to express our gratitude to the Lois Merrill Foundation for the help you are giving us. Both Lou and I planned as best we could for our later years. The unforeseen disaster of Lou's battle with Carcinoid cancer really knocked us for a loop. Without your help, our struggle would be all the worse. - Lou's Husband

Lu- Grant recipient
May 2011

Thank you LMF for helping me in 2011:). As a stage 4 carcinoid patient (ovarian primary, inoperable), I'm having a lot of trouble keeping up with all my bills after paying all the high $60.00 copays on the many meds needed to keep me alive. You've helped me thru this very difficult time, and I thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You've made a very positive difference in my life, and helped to make things bearable! Thank you, again, for ALL you do for Carcinoid/NET patients. Happy New Year:) Zebra Hugs, Lu:)

Desirae- Grant recipient
July 2012

"THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!...I am so very thankful for your kindness and will never again look at a zebra without thinking of the Lois Merrill Foundation...It is SUCH a HUGE blessing!"

Judy- Grant recipient
November 2010

I want to express my appreciation for all your efforts on my behalf. I will be traveling to Mayo tomorrow for surgery to obtain additional biopsies from behind pancreas, stomach and bowel. The exemplary care I received at Mayo is life sustaining and truly a blessing. Equally, I am blessed and want to thank you for caring and for every consideration you have extended in reviewing my application. 

Diana- Grant recipient
July 2012

I am having a hard time finding words to "Thank You" and your committee for the grant. Not only do I have carcinoid tumors (in liver), but am one of the 10% who also have carcinoid syndrome. I thank God everyday I wake up, and today is so special to wake up and find your wonderful news. I know, after we spoke on the phone, that you know how much I need this injection, but it has been such a humbling venture to have to ask for assistance. From the bottom of my heart I thank you so very very much.

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